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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Multiple login in Google talk

I wonder why this feature is not by default included in Google Talk. One can login simultaneously to more than one account. Unlike yahoo multiple login no need of registry editing here.

Follow these simple steps

  • Create a shortcut of your Google talk.
  • Right click the shortcut ----> choose Properties.
  • In the "Target" you will find this
"C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe"

Assuming you have installed in C:
  • Now at the end of target add this "/nomutex" without the quotes.
  • It should be like this
"C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex

There is a space after googletalk.exe"

Thats it .Click OK and you can open more than one Google talk.
Amazing, isn't it?

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Nakul said...


This multiple login is not working for me. I made the exact changes as it is given in the tutorial..but oops!! how to login for second acct when u have logged in one already??

I also tried other couple of tricks provided, they are cool n working..

Thnx for sharing.
Waiting for reply..


Techmaster said...

Hi Nakul,
Thanks for your feedback. Since you have followed the instructions, open a new Google talk.. I mean use the same shortcut in which the changes have been made. A new Gtalk should open. Login using another account.

Hope this helps. Do reply.

Nakul said...

Hi techmaster...tnx for reply

i had actually tried the same thing before..I made those changes in the Target properties of the the new shortcut...double-clicking it, opened one account..keeping it on when i click on the same shortcut, it does not open a new window..it opens the same window of already logged-in account...

second thing...when i click on the "shutdown" shortcut on desktop, it shows a blackout screen for 2 secs, and then again takes me to the desktop..it does not shut the pc down.

The trick to display my name in the system tray is working..

FYI, i m using XP home edition (if this has to do something with all these settings).

Answer in ur free time..


Techmaster said...

Hi Nakul,
[regarding gtalk]
This may sound stupid..but I cant think of any reason y this is happening. If anything else strikes I'll put it.

Before opening new Gtalk move the window of the present Gtalk to a different location. Now try opening a new acc. Could be previously both the Gtalks opened at the same location. Also remove automatic sign in.
Try and do reply.

As to the shutdown problem Ill look in and reply soon.

Nakul said...

Can i get ur email id to send u a mail?


Techmaster said...

Ya sure ,my id is pramodv1988@gmail.com

PrincessRen said...

hi there,

TQ TQ so much for the cool tips. Really appreciate it... :)