I have created a new program and have sent it to a select few. If you are part of the unlucky few who have ran this program, here is the fix to the program.


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Friday, May 4, 2007

Joke program\virus .. Message at the startup

I have always wanted to make [my own] joke program which doesn't cause any loss to the victim and at the same time is a good one. My previous one [i haven't posted it here] was really wonderful. It would restart the victim's PC and give only a specified time for use once the program is run.

This one would rather be called as an utility. You can specify a particular message to appear at the startup of your PC.
Right now I have put up a message saying "Affected by virus". Just send the file to your friend making up a meaningful name and watch him/her go pale after running it.
If you want to know the working of this please inform. I will post it only if people are interested.

Download link : Joke program

Removal tool : Uninst1

Liked this ? Hated this ? or have been a victim of this please do tell me by commenting.

Update: The working of this joke program has been revealed here.

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Ganesh said...

Really good one...Please tell the internal working of this .Carry on the good work.

Techmaster said...

Thanks..yes i will be explaining the working.Others please do share your views.

Amazing said...

Amazing stuff..do post the other one too

shridhar said...

good job.

atul said...

plz post me at atul_kothana143@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Some thing different.cool dude.Keep doing like this different.

Techmaster said...

Thanks ...I am glad you liked it.